Danille Colby at the Grand Rapids Antiques Market in January

Pickers Star Tags Vintage Promotions to Launch New Market

Let’s face it: the world of antique collecting has changed. Gone are the days of stuffy Victorian bric–a-­brac and velvet curtains. Today’s collector wants a fresh look with a focus on simplicity of design as well as the unique and unusual. This is precisely why Danielle Colby of History’s American Pickers says she has teamed

Made in Chicago


Travel By Pullman, Again

Believe it or not, regularly scheduled Pullman service between Chicago and New Orleans is once again available. A Chicago company has revived the service using restored Pullman cars. Pullman Sleeping Car Company, LLC’s Pullman Rail Journeys is a first-class, standalone rail experience in artfully and fully restored Pullman Rail Cars, on a scheduled basis between



Chicago Takes on Brimfield, Brings Back Goodies

Each year around this time vintage markets, stores and the like fill with fresh merchandise. Much of this merchandise arrives after being purchased in Brimfield, Massachusetts. If you’ve never been to Brimfield, it’s perhaps THE antiques event of the year (actually held several times a year), only rivaled by Round Top, an event in the